Wylie's Principles of Teaching and Training

Wylie Roberts Training Diego Wylie teaches the classical principles of dressage, following the six steps of the training scale. Her goals are to keep horses happy and sound through proper riding. She sees the purpose of dressage as bringing each horse to it's full potential regardless of it's level of natural ability. She also believes that all riders should have a strong grounding in basic dressage, regardless of which discipline they decide to move towards.

She focuses on her riders developing and maintaining a proper seat throughout their training, recognizing that without a proper seat, success for rider and horse is seriously hampered. Wylie also makes use of ideas of sports psychology in her teaching. She tries to build confidence in her riders and in their relationships with their horses using the most straight forward aspects of mental training.

Wylie Roberts Riding She has been helpful to many riders who experience fear. She helps them to recognize their fear and to overcome it by being realistic and creating situations that are more positive than negative. She also teaches her riders to understand fear in horses as a natural instinct which must not be punished but which can be overcome through building more trust between horse and rider.

" Wylie is an effective and empathetic rider and coach.She is able to develop exercises to strengthen my horse and to help me reach my training goals. I enjoy the way we work collaboratively. Her positive coaching style is both refreshing and motivating."
                       Lee Anne Boutilier