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2012, Year in Review

Wylie spent a busy 2012 training her students and working with her own horses. She maintained her lesson schedule both at AEC and around the local area and also travelled to Cape Breton for her usual clinics. Wylie also judged two dressage training shows this year in the Annapolis Valley of N.S.

Rebecca Borgal and Moonlight Sonata

In September of 2012, Wylie accompanied student Rebecca Borgal and her horse, Moonlight Sonata, to the R.I.D.E.R.S. show in Windsor N.S. Rebecca was showing her four year old mare for the first time and the pair finished very well in the walk/trot division.

New exercise program for riders In the spring of 2012, Wylie launched a new program for her students. Together with friend and physiotherapist Julia Mitchell, Wylie introduced an exercise program for riders. The program is designed to help riders improve their seats by strengthening their core. Riders can learn to be more effective and efficient, while helping to prevent injury. The two tested this new program with Wylie’s students over the course of four separate sessions. Riders improve their seats by strengthening their core

Wellington, Florida

In March of 2012, Wylie travelled to the United States to take in the active dressage scene in Wellington, Florida. She visited with her friend Justin Hardin and was able to observe Justin in his training at the facility where he works with Michael Barisone.

She also attended a few national and international dressage shows while in Wellington, watching many of the top riders. Wylie found her trip to be very educational and plans to return in February 2013.

2011, Year in Review

Wylie and Ingrid Klimke November of 2011 marked an exciting opportunity for Wylie when she rode with Ingrid Klimke in a symposium arranged by Dressage N.S. Wylie was one of 24 riders selected and rode Center Stage once again. She feels that the experience has reminded her of the importance of establishing true suppleness in the horses she rides. Ingrid has a wonderful sense of “togetherness” in her training, which Wylie could very much appreciate. Wylie and Lee Anne Boutilier on Caesar

Lee Anne Boutilier, a student of Wylie’s, also attended the symposium with her horse Caesar.

Wylie and Kim Cairns from Black Rock Stables

During the summer of 2011, Wylie was invited by Kim Cairns of Black Rock Stables to teach two clinics. Wylie travelled to Cape Breton in July and again in September. She looks forward to returning to Cape Breton in the spring of 2012.

Wylie on Center Stage

In July of 2011, Wylie rode in front of judge and clinician Linda Southam, in a dressage clinic designed to improve test scores. The clinic was held at Hobby Horse Farm in the Annapolis Valley and was organized by RIDERS. Wylie rode Millennium Dreamer, owned by student Mai Riives. Wylie found the clinic helpful in improving her strategies for riding her tests. She rode at First Level and was very pleased to receive scores of 69.59% and 78.24%

Rebecca Borgal and Go Have Fun

In June of 2011, Wylie attended the RIDERS dressage show in Windsor N.S. showing Center Stage, owned by student Cordelia Dunn. Wylie and Center Stage competed at First Level, receiving scores of 64.32% and 65.17% Wylie was accompanied by a student, Rebecca Borgal, who rode at Training Level and received scores of 60.85% and 64.25% with her horse Go Have Fun.