About Wylie Roberts

Wylie Roberts Wylie credits two instructors for bringing her to where she is today; Anne Myhr and Ron Postleb. Anne Myhr opened up the world of dressage to Wylie and inspired her at an early age. Wylie has had the good fortune to look to Anne’s lengthy experience as a rider, coach and trainer for guidance. Now they regularly exchange ideas and offer each other advice with day to day challenges in their riding and training.

Anne Myhr & Wylie Roberts Wylie also receives regular instruction from Ron Postleb, of Crown Dressage International; located in Brewster, N.Y. Ron has his German Master’s Degree in Horsemanship. In 1994-95, Wylie spent six months working for Ron at his facility; then located in British Columbia. Wylie trains with Ron three or four times a year at her stable in Nova Scotia.

Since 1990, Wylie has been working with Anne Myhr, who has acted as her mentor and valued colleague. Wylie primarily operates out of Anne’s facility, the Atlantic Equestrian Centre, where she coaches and trains and assists in the management of the stable. Wylie teaches approximately twenty students, ranging in age and level, on a weekly basis. She also schools her students’ horses and often has a horse in full training.

" I have known Wylie Roberts for nearly twenty years. During this time Wylie apprenticed as a working student under my tutelage and participated in almost every clinic I gave in Nova Scotia. Wylie is a devoted horsewoman who always strives to better herself. She is a very sensitive rider and is capable of training horses and riders to the FEI level. Wylie is passionate in her teaching. She is quick to recognize training issues and gives clear, accurate correction to the rider. She is also very patient with her horses as well as with her students. I highly recommend Wylie as a teacher and trainer. "
                       Ron Postleb

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With the assistance of Anne Myhr, Wylie has started many young horses over the years, in addition to training several of her own.

In the fall of 2005 Wylie was honoured to be selected to ride her horse Sabrina in the first Annual Dressage Symposium held at the Atlantic Dressage Development Centre, where she rode under the tutelage of Burt Rutten of the Netherlands.

Throughout her career, Wylie has also benefited from the expertise of such distinguished clinicians as Walter Zettl, Eleanor Stegman and Lee Tubman.

Wylie Roberts

For the last two years Wylie has been an instructor with H.A.L.T.R., a Therapeutic Riding Group in Halifax. She worked with between 7 to 8 students a week, helping them with their basic control of the aids and communication with their horses. This has been a very rewarding experience for Wylie and one vastly different from her normal day to day teaching.

Wylie furthers her education by travelling to a variety of clinics and workshops each year. These range in subject from riding to judging to more general coaching.

Wylie & Diego